A perfect e-commerce website? At least some clues

  • CONVENIENCE: customers pursue time, energy and money savings . Some examples are the ability to order online 24×7, avoiding check out lines and traffic or the ability to have goods delivered as soon as possible.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: order accuracy, punctuality, secure and reliable methods of payment as well as returns and refunds policy.
  • PRODUCT: Access to a large choice of products, possibility to easily compare products and prices, get a precise look and feel of the product through alternative options such as reviews, photos, videos, etc.
  • PRICE: Free or inexpensive delivery (it shouldn t be more of 10% of the total cost of the item shipped), prices equal or cheaper than in traditional stores.

Also keep on mind very important aspects that could be included in the categories mentioned before:

  • WEBSITE SPEED: loading website speed affects customer speed, especially regular customers. Every 2 seconds of load time on your site equals an 8% abandonment rate. If load time decreases from 8 seconds to 2 seconds, the conversion rate increases by 74%!.
  • WHISH LIST, SHOPPING LIST AND OR FAVOURITES: both, shopping lists or create your list of favourites (like in a web browser). Favourites are a bit different from shopping lists because sometimes you save a product as favourite but it doesn’t mean that it is a regular thing that you buy but something that perhaps in the future you would love to buy.
  • INTRUSIVE ADVERTISING: advertising published by the website´s  owner sometimes  invades the main website, or even obligates the user to watch a movie, click in a button to stop them, etc. 
  • BE MOBILE, LOCAL and SOCIAL COMMERCE: enable product sharing, allow and promote customer review, feedback mechanisms, and above all build a community and engage it!

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  4. Special thanks to José Esteves for his comments http://www.jesteves.com/