Will Google do it?

Technological companies are in one of the most dynamic sectors. If economists have difficulties predicting what is going to happen in the foreseeable future, the IT sector is even more complicated. Just some examples of companies that were leading their “subsector” only a few years ago:
Mobile industry: Nokia or RIM.
Social media: MySpace, Friendster or Xing.
– And nowadays: Apple!! it seems it is loosing its outstanding position due to the incredible performance of its competitors and other intrinsic problems (lack of technological advances, interoperability and pricing strategy, to name some of them). Shares and profits are falling in the last three quarters of 2012. Only time will tell if they manage to overcome these problems…

Flip side of the coin is Google. Its creativity and innovation are placing it at the very top of the digital world. It is already well-known for its fantastic web-based service, the core of its business: search engine (in constantly progress: eg. new search engine: knowledege graph. By the way, a nice one, on the 28th dec, Google changed and adapted its logo to honour the Spanish engineer, Torres Quevedo), open source, social media (google plus), it has turned to a better design..









And even more attractive, it is really making efforts to entry in the mobile industry: it bought Motorola seven months ago and there are rumours that it will buy T-mobile… Will Google beat Samsung and Apple in this market?

Just in case you are interested, find below an excellent and deeper analysis of Google´s strategy: